Future Pathways

Advanced Course

Continuing with the same educational philosophy of Intermediate Course, the subjects of this course will delve into advanced fields in Islamic studies. The Usul topics in the fields of fiqh, hadith and tafsir will form a core area of study of this course whilst also exploring Arabic Balagha (rhetoric) and some of the great works of the giants of Islam like Imam Al-Ghazzali (d. 505).

Academic Course and University Degree

This course covers subjects including methodologies (usul) of the core Islamic sciences and will give you strong grounding and in-depth understanding of several Islamic disciplines. The course introduces academic analytical research and critical writing skills to further prepare you in your Islamic scholarship journey. The university accredited degree at the completion of the course can be a pathway to further research, a PhD or an academic career in Islamic studies.


Bachelor of Islamic Studies Pathway

Master of Islamic Studies Pathway

Course Structure

Year 2026

Session 1: ISL430 Usul al-Tafsir

Session 2: ISL411 Usul al-Fiqh

Session 3: Elective 1

Year 2027

Session 1: ISL432 Usul al-Hadith

Session 2: Elective 2

Session 3: Elective 3

Course Details