ISRA's Educational Philosophy

Established in 2009 in Sydney Australia, ISRA is a non-profit community organisation that:

  • Provides Islamic education from within the Islamic scholarly tradition and sciences in a model of education that fosters critical        thinking, intellectual enquiry and investigation – education that is compatible with tradition and conducive to context
  • Delivers classical Islamic sciences and studies in a contemporary context and in relation to social sciences (where applicable) at bachelor, masters and PhD levels according to the Australian universities qualification framework
  • Is founded on principles of ethics, diversity, community, harmony, personal and intellectual growth and civic duty
  • Is apolitical, with a deep respect for diversity in thought, educational methodology, social perspective and constructive action
  • Focuses on civic engagement at the local level to serve the particular needs of the Australian Muslim community and the broader Australian community by recognising the need for intra-community and inter-community/faith dialogue and collaboration
  • Conducts pioneering research on social and religious issues of relevance to the Australian society and international community
  • Presents its students and broader audience with diverse perspectives from Muslims and non-Muslims, with a view of fostering stimulating and constructive classroom and community discussions
  • Draws inspiration and reference from more than 180 acclaimed classical and contemporary Islamic scholars and academics
  • Actively develops local Australian academics and community, religious and scholarly leaders
  • Has staff and students from diverse cultural, educational and socio-economic backgrounds
  • Actively encourages participation by second generation Australian Muslim youth in the design and development of community projects and at all levels of leadership
  • Values the input of Australian Muslims in contributing towards and enhancing the social fabric and cohesion of a multicultural, multi-faith Australia