A Journey to the Afterlife

Thu 15th Oct, 2020 to Thu 3rd Dec, 2020

10:30am - 12:00pm
Online & ISRA Sydney Office, Level 3, 128-136 South Parade, Auburn NSW 2144


A spiritual and practical guide to life, death and our meeting with the Creator

"O (you) the one in complete rest and satisfaction! Come back to your Lord, well-pleased yourself and well-pleasing unto Him! (Fajr:27-28)

Join us in this 8 week course to explore the ultimate inevitable fate waiting for all : death and afterlife, together with how to prepare for it in this life. Various theological, spiritual and practical aspects will be covered in depth.  

A special sister's journey where we step up to be 'raadiatan', a pleased soul with the pleasures of jannah. A 'mardiyah' accepted and pleasing soul to our Creator when answearing the call and invitation to return to Allah swt.

Speakers include Mariam Ardati, Omer Ergi, Ramia Sultan, Mehmet Ozalp and many more...

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Sisters onsite numbers will be limited to 15 per session for selected classes due to Covid-19 safety restrictions.

For further enquiries or to confirm registration and workshop schedule please email mothersgroup@isra.org.au 

*Please note week 2 & week 8 will be available onsite. To confirm onsite availability please join group whatsapp chat, accessible through your email registration confirmation


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A Journey to the Afterlife